Dr. Michael Recker offers a product to help the fight against eye strain caused by digital devices

By Chris Galford

At this point, the world has officially gone digital. Every day, one can look about and see young and old alike playing with smart phones, tablets or computers. It’s been a boon for communication, but according to Dr. Michael Recker of Perrysburg Family Eyecare, not all it brings to the table is beneficial.

“All of these things emit a blue wavelength, and that’s the harmful part of the visual spectrum — that’s one that does the most damage to eye structures,” said Dr. Recker.

Particularly in younger children, in whom the eye’s filters have yet to fully develop, such extended exposure and strain could cause permanent damage. Optometrists like Dr. Recker, however, have started to develop a solution: the treatment and prevention of blue light exposure through new eyecare technology.

That technology is something Dr. Recker provides in newer pairs of glasses — an option that can be added to pretty much any modern pair, be they for daily use or activity specific. It doesn’t change their appearance, either, making for added protection without invasive add-ons.

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