American City Diner opens in Sylvania

American City Diner has come to the streets of Sylvania, and with it comes a dining experience hearkening to the varied homemade classics of American cuisine.

Corned beef is the closest thing the diner has to a signature dish, but they also offer Irish skillets for breakfast, and plans are underway to bring homemade American specials to the menu: chicken a la king, beef tips and beef stroganoff among them.

Owned by Tony Elroz and Sam Cheaib—who also functions as its manager—the diner was born from the life experiences these two partners have had in the restaurant business.

For Tony, the seeds for the diner’s creation were planted when he assisted other American table style restaurants in Oregon and Lambertville. The menus struck him as something different, something unique, and he wanted to open a restaurant in the Sylvania area that had the same eclectic appeal. Sam, who started at the Southwick Mall as a kid, is a lover of good food and enthusiastic about customer service, and for him, the American City Diner is simply the culmination of his young life’s accumulated knowledge and interest.

See the video below!

American City Diner

Tony Elroz, Owner

6060 Renaissance Place
Toledo, Ohio 43623