Fairwood Health & Body Transition

Fairwood Health & Body Transition in Toledo helps June brides sculpt hourglass figures

By FLTN Staff

Fairwood Bride Pic (2) (Small)As June brides start to panic about the extra pounds and inches they put on over the winter, Toledo chiropractor, Dr. Jason Peisley of Fairwood Health & Body Transition presents a proven system to take off weight and inches: “There’s nothing worse for brides than finding out that they no longer fit into their wedding gown. Starvation diets are not the answer—many have tried and failed. I offer a multitude of healthy ways to quickly melt away cottage cheese thighs, stubborn belly and back fat, love handles and more without drugs or surgery.”

At Fairwood Health & Body Transition, a combination of cutting-edge cellulite-busting technology, detox supplements and a food plan rich in nutrition gets immediate results. “How can these brides expect to lose weight and inches without a doctor-supervised program customized just for them?” said Dr. Peisley, Founder and Clinic Director. “If they could have lost weight on their own, they would have already done it. We are here to help.”

According to Dr. Peisley, inches start to disappear as quickly as the first visit. The proven science behind his weight loss program addresses the cause of weight gain and treats individual health issues. “Patients quickly learn that our weight loss clinic is different from the rest. They appreciate the individual attention to their personal health conditions that they don’t get at fad diet centers. Our weight loss clinic is designed to help them burn fat, stop cravings and lose weight for life. When they see how quickly their body responds to our holistic methods, they always come back for more,” explains Dr. Peisley.

Brides can look forward to a special discount to get them started. Fairwood Health & Body Transition is offering their “Thin & Trim” Body Contouring Special that includes an Herbal Body Wrap designed to help them lose 4-14 inches in one hour along with a VIP Tour, Introduction & Health Evaluation, a $210 value for only $25.

Fairwood Health & Body Transition is Toledo’s most revolutionary weight loss clinic. Founded by Jason Peisley, D.C., Fairwood Health & Body Transition is putting into action a proven, safe and natural solution to shed unwanted pounds, rejuvenate health and transform lives. Without the need for shots or drugs, the “Healthy Weight Loss For Life” Total Body System is specifically designed to uncover and put an end to the underlying conditions that continually sabotage weight loss efforts. These discoveries are made through a comprehensive health evaluation then delivered as a personalized program. The company’s pioneering approach to long-term weight loss combines education, holistic solutions, enhanced nutrition and the most advanced cellulite-busting weight loss tools and behavior modification under one roof. As a result, clients burn fat, stop cravings and lose weight while restoring their health. Fairwood Health & Body Transition is located at 5215 Monroe Street, Suite 4. For more information, visit http://www.burnfattoledo.com