Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center brings unparalleled equipment to Toledo’s cosmetic scene

Chris Galford

In this day and age, surgery is a term that often comes with its own host of unsettling connotations—words like “invasive” and “intensive.” It can be difficult to reconcile this term to something like “cosmetics,” which are, by their nature, supposed to increase the enjoyment of one’s self.

Yet there are doctors, people like Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center, who have found a way around this association and worked to make their procedures as minimally invasive as humanly possible. A recent addition to private practice, Dr. Banker is a cosmetic surgeon with 15 years in the medical business and a lot of experience with lasers. In fact, his practice offers the most advanced lasers in Northwest Ohio.

“This is my first venture into private practice. I really started putting this together about a year ago. It took some time … but this location kind of picked me. I love the location, the construction of the building, and I thought it was just an untapped treasure of Maumee,” said Dr. Banker.

With him come the most advanced laser treatments in Northwest Ohio for spider veins, varicose veins, permanent fat removal, facial rejuvenation techniques and tattoo removals, along with aesthetician services, Botox and dermal fillers. Luxe is not a spa. Though both businesses come with the goal of bodily improvement, Dr. Banker’s business provides what only an MD can—including someone on site that understands complications that might arise.

This also includes the aforementioned lasers, which are what makes Luxe a unique location in Toledo.

We are one of the few places in town that have tattoo removal equipment and one of the few in the country that has the most up to date tattoo removal equipment; we have Cynosure lasers. Cynosure is the market leader, has the best tech on the planet, and we bought five of their latest and greatest things,” Dr. Banker said.

Each laser requires a professional to operate and each undertakes a different task, from tattoo and age spot removal, to deep wrinkle and fine line work. In addition to unsightly conditions like spider veins, Dr. Banker also uses his expertise to hunt for underlying causes, searching patients’ inner systems for potential health risks underneath what might seem merely cosmetic.

What’s more: most of his procedures require minimal to no recovery time. While speed is on Dr. Banker’s side, though, that doesn’t mean the quality of his efforts suffers.

We’re the only place in Toledo that does nonsurgical permanent fat loss—CoolSculpting. We have the most advanced system for fat removal using the Smartlipo triplex laser; it can remove a large amount of fat at one time. Those two systems, in Toledo, are really unparalleled,” Dr. Banker said.

Show your support for local merchants! Call Dr. Banker at 419-893-2775; email at wadebankermd@luxe-laser.com; visit the website at http://www.Luxe-Laser.com; or visit Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center at 1500 Holland Road (at Dussel Drive), Maumee, OH.