Edward F. Posluszny, D.D.S.

Dr. Poz and staff exemplify “dentistry—the way it should be practiced”

by Dr. Edward Posluszny, FLT Columnist

Since opening his practice in 1983, Edward F. Posluszny, D.D.S., or “Dr. Poz” as he’s known to his patients, has endeavored to establish long-standing relationships with his patients by treating them with personal, individualized attention and the highest quality dental care. With more than three decades of dentistry under his belt, he now sees four generations of family members.

“It’s fun to see the children grow up and have kids of their own,” Dr. Poz said. “The important thing in private dentistry is continuity. When you come to my office, you always see me, and fortunately, I have an exceptional staff that’s been with me for many, many years.”

Dr. Poz practices all phases of dentistry, from regular cleanings and fillings to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. The facility uses digital X-rays, which use up to 90 percent less radiation than conventional film X-rays. And, for those who are a bit anxious about having work done on their teeth, Office Manager Marcia Willinger is a Certified Hypnotherapist.

“We recently had a woman who was really scared. She was a new patient and had a long-standing dental phobia,” Dr. Poz recalled. “I called Marcia in, and 10 minutes later, the patient was relaxed and did great. I think having a hypnotherapist on staff is a unique service.”

The practice treats patients of all ages, and for his pediatric patients, Dr. Poz makes that first visit a positive one.

“We recommend a ‘happy visit’ when children are about 18 months old, so they can meet me, sit in the chair—often on a parent’s lap—and I can do a quick screening,” Dr. Poz explained. “You want to rule out any nursing bottle decay. Then, they come back when they’re 2, and I can perform a thorough examination and polish their teeth.”

Instilling diligent oral hygiene habits at a young age is critical, as more and more research draws a connection between oral health and a person’s overall systemic health.

“Poor oral health leads to a myriad of problems,” Dr. Poz added. “Many types of bacteria in the mouth get into the bloodstream and can lead to different kinds of cancers and heart problems.”

Simply brushing for two minutes at least twice a day and flossing every day are the easiest ways to reduce the levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Another helpful measure is to chew gum or mints containing the ingredient Xylitol, which actually reduces the levels of decay-causing bacteria in saliva.

Dentistry is a rapidly changing field, with new materials, diagnostic tools and treatment options always on the horizon. But what hasn’t changed for Dr. Poz is his dedication to his patients.

“We’re a family practice, and as our mission statement says, we do dentistry the way it should be done,” Dr. Poz concluded.

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