Wingate by Wyndham in Sylvania receives $1 million in upgrades 

By Chris Galford

Wyndham Screen ShotThe Wingate Inn by Wyndham in Sylvania has undergone a massive renovation, readying it for a new decade of residence from travelers.

Opened in May 2003, Wingate caters to business customers, as well as corporate and leisure travelers, according to general manager Lea MacLaren. Family reunions, weddings, and meetings are all common fare for Sylvania, and Wingate offers 74 rooms and 23 suites for guests to rest in between doings. Nothing has escaped attention in the renovation. The common areas have received new carpet lightning and draperies. New furniture has come into the hotel, along with new mirrors and light fixtures for the bathrooms. The meetings rooms have been brought to a more modern look, while the hotel rooms themselves have been changed from the ground up, carpet and drapes, chairs and dressers, chairs and lamps, and mattresses for the beds. Click on video for full interview:

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