Snyder Financial Management of Bowling Green – Nick Snyder’s educated retirement planning

Snyder Fin SPBy Chris Galford

 Independence can go a long way to customer service. In the case of financial advisor Nick Snyder’s company, Snyder Financial Management, it’s allowed this financial services firm to grow around a model dedicated to working with clients, rather than worrying about trying to sell things to them.

Nick handles nearly any investment aspect of retirement planning – save proprietary investment selections – and also works with local attorneys and CPAs to sort out estate and tax planning details. But in a business where the bill is usually preset based on a customer’s asset size and relationship, Nick’s independence allows him to set his own fees.

His wasn’t a model built overnight, though.

Nick’s passion for finance began in college, culminating with a dual degree in finance and management information systems in May 2003 from Bowling Green State University. Nick’s initial position was at American Express in Cleveland, Ohio where he served as a financial advisor. In 2004 – with the support of friends and family – Nick moved back to Bowling Green and started work in Toledo with LPL Financial.

With a desire to be closer to home, Nick opened an LPL branch office in Bowling Green in December 2011. The building blocks of Nick’s business are simple: relationships built on reputation and trust. “When I bring on a client I want them to be a client for life,” he said.

And life is at the heart of what he handles. “My typical client is anywhere from 10-15 years from retirement, or in retirement … they’ll come here and say, ‘Here’s where I’m at, here’s where I want to be – how do I get there?’ I enjoy putting things together to make sure we aren’t taking on more risks than we need in order to address their goals.”

The goal is to keep things realistic – and education goes a long way to that. Many people play the market, but few go into it knowing how it truly works. Nick tries to help with that.

“I want to be upfront and honest with people so they understand what it is we do, how we can help and how our fees are determined,” said Nick. It’s especially important in a constantly shifting market. The market downturn of 2008 changed the field of business and shook interest rates. It’s why he advises anyone with a mind toward the market to, “Just keep your eyes open. Read the headlines. Know what’s going on. Ask questions.”

It’s about keeping ahead of the curve. That’s why Nick says, “Things change. Let’s take advantage of that change before it takes advantage of you.”

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