Serenity Health & Wellness Center in Maumee celebrates 5 year anniversary

Serenity SPBy Chris Galford

Part of the entrepreneurial spirit engrained into classic visions of the American dream is about recognition: recognizing a need, finding a way to make that need a reality, and bringing it to people in a way that appeals. Serenity Health & Wellness Center has done that with the notion of tranquility and the personal sense of wellness, and done it successfully for the last five years.

Serenity is not a traditional health center. In the beginning, they catered to three things: colon hydrotherapy, massage therapy and the more general life coaching. In five years, though, they have expanded their portfolio significantly.

“We were a little behind the times from the West Coast and places that embraced holistic healthcare,” said owner Dr. Deitra Hickey. “We saw a need so we started small and it caught on so quickly that therapists reached out to me throughout the community and they came on board, while client suggestions encouraged us to implement additional services. We started with three services and have since expanded to 25.”

Today, they still offer their original three selling points, but Serenity also provides courses in everything from yoga to incense massage, as well as guided meditations, aromatherapy and a corporate outreach that allows them to take some of the edge off of Ohio’s work routines. Those outreaches might consist of an on-site chair massage setup, yoga lessons, health screenings, or a motivational speaker in the form of Dr. Hickey herself.

They are dedicated to the culture of alternative health, but the health and wellness center also defines itself by what they do not do. Dr. Hickey is quick to point out that they aren’t a salon, and both they and their clients are content to keep it that way.

“Almost 50 percent of our clients are male, and that we don’t do hair and nails is one of the biggest reasons they look at us as a health facility as opposed to coming to a salon,” Dr. Hickey said.

This May, however, they are offering a four-hour spa medley for a special Mother’s Day treat, at $149. The package is good for purchase throughout May, but can be redeemed throughout the year.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Dr. Hickey at 419-891-2181; email her at; visit the website at, or visit Serenity Health & Wellness Center at 1685 Lance Pointe Drive, Maumee, OH.