RSS Investigations and Security offers free self-defense class and personalized security solutions

“We just want to help make the community safer,” says Jarrod Hunt, CEO and 21-year employee of RSS.

“We just want to help make the community safer,” says Jarrod Hunt, CEO and 21-year employee of RSS.

By Meredith Ryburn

“Whether you need equipment, people or training, we can do it,” explains RSS Investigation and Security CEO Jarrod Hunt. RSS specializes in creating individual security solutions for a wide range of clients and their security needs. Security can be an overwhelming endeavor, but RSS offers consultants who evaluate clients’ individual needs and develops specialized security answers. Offering options such as private investigators, onsite security guards and remote monitoring, the RSS consultants can develop security options to fit any scenario.

Earlier this year, for example, the team strategized a suitable event security option for comedian Bill Cosby when he appeared at the Sandusky Theater. A combination of uniformed and plain-clothes officers were stationed throughout the theater’s entrance, main hall and backstage spaces, offering an optimized private security plan. Security officers took into account the high-profile nature of their client as well as a desire to maintain a safe environment without distracting patrons who came looking for a laugh.

While it may seem that traditional law enforcement would be a more suitable choice, Jarrod, who has a background in law enforcement, offers some insight into the differences. Law enforcement officers have a high level of training in protection and security; however, their specialty and duty is to law enforcement. The security officers of RSS, many of whom have served as police officers, have advanced training in protection of people and property. They maintain some level of obligation to law enforcement, but their primary goal is protection.

In 1994, RSS started out by caring for people with developmental disabilities. The company, that has always had a passion for innovative solutions that improve society, uses technology to create better solutions while lowering medical cost. When they began developing a remote monitoring system, Jarrod saw overlaps from his previous experiences as a law enforcement dispatcher and member of his church’s security team. From there the company expanded to include investigation and protection services that include: home and business security systems, GPS tracking for cars or individuals, medical monitoring, surveillance equipment, security guard services, private investigators, training services, and virtually any security need.

In line with maintaining their commitment to a safer community, RSS will be offering a free self-defense training course on May 7 at Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio. After hearing of a few too many incidents, the group set out to find a solution for empowering individuals with personal security. Especially as we welcome the warmer months, explain the security experts, there is a need for individuals to be armed with basic self-defense tips and awareness.

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