Personal Eyecare in Sylvania hosts event to benefit Toledo Area Humane Society

By Chris Galford

On Thursday, April 23, Sylvania’s Personal Eyecare hosted its second annual frame show, bringing together a slew of frame vendors in the hopes of benefitting the Toledo area Humane Society. Organized by Dr. Roxanna Potter, the event showcased many of the vendors’ new spring styles, with eyes on the individual’s needs.

“There’s so many cool styles now. Round is very cool if you can pull it off, different pastels, bright colors, lots of different things for spring,” Dr. Potter said.

It was an event that catered to Dr. Potter’s own philosophy in her practice: personal care. She doesn’t go for the bland commercial experience, but rather for family oriented eye care, working to tailor the frames to the personality or needs of the client.

“When someone meets you for the first time, they look right at your face and eyes, and if you’re not wearing something that represents your personality, you’re really missing out,” Dr. Potter said.

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