Ohio Cashflow brings a new operations manager into the fold

Garrett Gable, Ohio Cashflow's new Operations Manager

Garrett Gable, Ohio Cashflow’s new Operations Manager

By Chris Galford

For the workers at Ohio Cashflow, it’s not so much about fitting a mold as it is breaking it. Garrett Gable is a prime example of one of those mold breakers and determined business learners — a role he’s taking to its fullest as Ohio Cashflow’s new operations manager.

He joined the company a little over a month ago, and in that capacity he manages their investment portfolio, visiting properties, showing properties and looking for properties to show his clients, while managing the contractors maintaining those properties on a daily basis.

But one might never have guessed, years ago, that this was where Garrett would end up.

“I’ve grown up,” Garrett admits. “I was an athlete my whole life. I went to school to play baseball. But it didn’t work out; it wasn’t sustainable in my eyes. Anything could go wrong at any point. Therefore I left; I attended Kent State University, became a normal college student. I would go to class every day, I would twiddle my thumbs, I would think: what could I do to get out of here? I started reading books, attending seminars, and I just fell in love with real estate.”

When he found Ohio Cashflow, he practically made it a full time job to get his foot in the door — emailing, calling, finding creative ways to catch their attention. Eventually, it worked, and the connection was immediate. They wanted what he brought to the table and he saw an operation offering exactly what he wanted: room to grow.

“I love the overall vision and being a part of something that has truly limitless potential … Our business model is something a lot of people have been striving for. We’ve found the formula, and it works,” Garrett said.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Garrett at 816-372-5334; visit the website at http://www.ohiocashflow.com; or visit Ohio Cashflow at 5313 Secor Rd., Toledo OH.