New fitness franchise opens in Maumee

9 Round Screen Shot

“With 9Round, the concept is appealing to women, especially stay-at-home moms. So we encourage them to come out, drop the kids off at school and come on in,” Angela said.

By Chris Galford

Owned by franchise partners Steve Richie and Angela Crosby, 9Round is not a traditional big box gym — they’re not open 24/7, there are no classes, nor is it a wander in, wander out environment. Rather, according to Steve, their gym has the advantage of motivation.

“The workout changes every day,” Steve said. “Not to take away anything from big box gyms — they’re great, if you have a self-motivation personality — but here, the trainers are on the floor with you, pushing you, encouraging you to do the best you can do while you’re here.”

There is no actual fighting in the gym, but there is a full range of training, and they try to optimize the training by keeping track of heart rate. Their goal is to keep people in what they call the optimal fat burning zone, instead of burning off muscle. Exercisers can come to any station and start on the full nine rounds. A full session typically lasts 30 minutes, and provides a full body workout.

The work the franchise provides doesn’t simply end with a workout, though.

“Along with the workout we also provide a nutrition plan that teaches people how to eat correctly. Not just healthy, but how to eat correctly by raising their metabolism and keeping it high all day, so even if they’re not here at the gym working out, they’re still burning calories,” Steve said.

Those interested can take on month-to-month memberships, or all the way up to 12 months, with unlimited workouts.

“They include your handwraps and your gloves as well. If you do the pay in full memberships they also include a few more amenities along with those items as well,” said Angela.

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Show your support for local businesses! Call Steve and Angela at 419-794-0042; email them at; or visit 9Round at 1506 S. Reynolds Rd., Maumee, OH.