Hires Dental Care expands to meet the digital age

By Chris Galford

Hires Screen Shot WebThis year, Dr. J. Eric Hires’s practice at Hires Dental Care decided to improve upon what was once capacity and bring some new additions to its capabilities. In addition to new meeting space downstairs, the practice had added three additional laboratories, for which all x-ray and charts have been incorporated fully into the digital scene.

These will help to fuel the cosmetic and implant dentistry which has come to characterize Dr. Hires’s practice.

“I’ve taken a lot of training in cosmetic dentistry. I trained at the Las Vegas Institute for four years. I’ve taken implant courses and been placing implants since 1990. Those are my two passions; that’s what I really like to do. I get more hugs out of that than anything else. We’re a patient-centered practice. In other words, our job is to make you happy and give you want you want, and make it last a long time,” Dr. Hires said.

Part of that patient focus also involves a dedication to local vets. For the past six years, Hires Dental Care has put on Stars, Stripes and Smiles—a once-a-year event with food, drinks and DJs, during which veterans can come in, choose one procedure to undertake, and get that procedure done…free.

Show your support for local merchants! Call Dr. Hires at 419-475-6673; visit the website at www.hiresdentalcare.com; or visit Hires Dental Care at 3951 West Sylvania Avenue, OH.