Citizen Advisory Group to invest over $1 million in new building

Citizen Ad Group Page 1By Chris Galford

The staff of Citizen Advisory Group of Perrysburg, Ohio broke ground on a new facility which will offer fresh possibilities for growth for both their business and the area.

A financial services firm for retirees — an especially relevant service giving an aging national population and the closing retirement gap for the so-called baby boomer generation — Citizen Advisory Group was founded by brothers Jeffery and Kevin Bucher. Originally, they were the entire complement of its staff as well, operating their business out of their own living room 10 years ago.

With the start of this new decade for their company, though, it’s all about expansion. Their new building will be set on Commerce Drive, and provide a massive infrastructure boost.

“This is going to be over a $1 million building, close to 5,000 square feet, with a lot of new technology not typical of an investment firm. More importantly, it’s going to be a very friendly place. A place that’s kind of like home, where people can kind of come and hang out before or after an appointment, have a cappuccino, or a coffee, some home-baked cookies, like we do every day,” Jeffery said.

Though the latter might lend the place a sort of coffee shop-like vibe, the Citizen Advisory Group is dedicated to its customers, which are the retiring community around the Greater Toledo Area. Yet the nature of such expansion of cyclical. They work to serve their community by helping the elderly, but to do so, they need to hire and expand, which brings new blood into the company and offers jobs which both help that community another way, and allow them to better serve the elderly they originally set out to help.

“It’s going to continue to allow us to grow and bring in some more staff, which will ultimately allow us to better serve our clientele,” Kevin said.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Jeff and Kevin at 419-872-0204; email them at and; visit the website at; or see the group’s new facility at 770 Commerce Dr., Perrysburg, OH.