Celebrating 50 years, Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. remains a family business

Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. has offered individuals and companies quality products at quality prices for three generations.

Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. has offered individuals and companies quality products at quality prices for three generations.

By Meredith Ryburn

“We are only as good as the people who work for us,” explains Barb Lewis, marketing director and second-generation employee of Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc.

This belief is why the family-owned company prides itself on a high level of employee training. Wolff Bros. Supply’s skilled team, from counter sales to outside sales, is prepared to answer any product questions customer may have. Customers looking for industrial, commercial or residential supplies will find a range of options and a wealth of expertise to help them make informed purchases. Wolff Bros. Supply’s attention to detail and service can be seen not only in the customer experience, but also in the many awards the company has earned, including being among the Top 100 Privately Owned Supply Companies.

For more than 50 years now, the heart of Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. has been family. In the 1950s, brothers Harold and Norman Wolff acquired a 154-acre farm in Medina, Ohio. Farming alone was not sufficiently providing for both of their families, so the brothers decided to get into the mechanical trades. Their new company, Wolff Bros. General Contractors, began and operated out of the back of an old truck. These were the early beginnings of what would become Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc. with 12 locations across Ohio, including a Maumee branch.

Although keeping food on the table is what initially motivated Harold and Norman Wolff to branch out, it is clear that they had early premonitions of a spanning organization. Barb recalls times walking through the old barn and listening to her father dream of converting it into an office space. By 1965, when the company was officially incorporated as Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc., the barn was housing one level of offices and the chicken-nesting boxes had been transformed into sorting containers. Today, the company still occupies the old farm plot, and all three levels of the original barn now serve as the company’s corporate headquarters.

Many of Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc.’s milestones can be attributed to its family roots. In 1972, when the second generation of brothers began returning from college, the organization made the full move into wholesale supply with divisions in plumbing, electrical, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and data compression.

Today, there are even members of the third generation getting more highly involved in the family business. Kelly Wolff, who works in the advertising and marketing department at Wolff Bros., recalls her teenage summers working in the warehouse along with her siblings and cousins. She is now one of several making up the third wave of Wolff family employees.

Show your support for local businesses! Contact Barb Lewis by phone at 330-725-3451; email blewis@wolffbros.com; visit the website at http://www.wolffbros.com; or visit the home office at 6078 Wolff Road Medina, OH.