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Dr. Jason Peisley expands Fairwood Chiropractic’s health services with new neuropathy treatments

By Chris Galford

In addition to neuropathy, Dr. Peisley provides chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, weight loss services and body wraps.

In addition to neuropathy, Dr. Peisley provides chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, weight loss services and body wraps.

Fairwood Chiropractic is best known for its namesake services, but recent days have seen its owner—Dr. Jason Peisley—diversify its health treatments. Most notably, today those services extend to neuropathy, which are procedures designed to help alleviate the suffering of those patients with diabetes so advanced they can no longer feel their feet.

Quite often these people end up going to family physicians, neurologists, and they’ll say, ‘Well ok, you’ve got neuropathy.’ The patient will say, ‘What can I do about that, doc?’ And they’ll say ‘Well there’s nothing that can be done.’ But we’ve actually got a system to get people’s feet back to life, get those nerves flowing again, get the circulation back into those areas and heal them,” Dr. Peisley said.

These treatments, based on specialized electrical stimulation, are for those with limbs so swollen and red that, even if they were to step on a tack they wouldn’t feel it. In other words, it’s for people that could be at risk of accumulating wounds and necessary amputation. Through a combination of neurocare units and body wraps, however, Dr. Peisley takes a similar method here as he would with general weight loss.

“We do the body wrap overtop of this neurostim unit and it helps to increase circulation and ultimately bring those nerves back to life with this system. There’s also some laser technology and whole body vibration to help get circulation back,” said Dr. Peisley.

Though the issues that require such methods are most commonplace among senior citizens—particularly those suffering from type two diabetes—they could develop at any age, and Dr. Peisley’s treatments are likewise designed to help provide neuropathy pain relief for patients of any age group.

“It gets their independence back, gets them walking again,” Dr. Peisley said.

For the doctor, this sense of independence is not limited to neuropathy treatments, however—while his practice is based around the chiropractic, and his own expertise lies in spinal complaints, Fairwood Chiropractic is also a fully licensed physical therapy office with a licensed physical therapist on staff.

In addition, they provide acupuncture services and physician-monitored weight loss programs—one-on-one health evaluations undertaken with each individual that comes in. The goal for this Fairwood Health and Body Transition: using a medical approach without medications (think, natural herbs and supplements) to get people eating right and in control of both their hormones and their thyroid.

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