All-Nu Construction

Always new projects afoot at All-Nu Construction

By Chris Galford

By most standards, it’s been an especially hard winter. Yet as spring rolls around, the warmer weather brings its own share of troubles, with melting scenes exposing potential damages to property—damages it could take professionals to remedy.

This is where partners like Dan Mahl and Jim Szafarowicz enter—a partnership that built a home improvement company named All-Nu Construction.

Dan is a graduate of Whitmer High School, a carpenter since classes there first taught him the trades, while Jim came to the business with a major in accounting and years of experience in road construction. The theory behind their venture was home improvement, but since its founding nearly two decades ago, All-Nu Construction has taken to work across the construction spectrum.

“When it started out it was going to be siding, windows, doors. Then from that it matriculated into roofs, and then roofs became rehabs on houses, which lead to concrete…so basically we started very small, and worked our way into being general contractors of a smaller magnitude. But there’s virtually nothing around the house we can’t do,” Dan said.

This season that will likely mean roof repair, and while All-Nu Construction typically works within a 30-mile radius around their Toledo office, their services have gone further.

Overall, what sets them apart from competitors—and trends in the business world popularized in previous decades—is that they simply don’t do promotions. Boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they make their work speak for itself, and have even incorporated these beliefs into their company’s slogan: “No coupons, no games, no gimmicks.”

“It’s the shell game they don’t wish to play with customers,” said Ken Franzen of Neon Goldfish Marketing Solutions, their marketing representative. “They feel it insults people’s intelligence, because at the end of the day, the pricing is going to be on par one you have all the hidden fees and charges not initially presented in the competitor’s offer or sales pitch. The amount of repeat business and referrals they receive speaks leaps and bounds to their ability.”

They also bring a personal touch to every job site. As Jim notes, while their roofing work and home remodeling jobs can be analyzed from ground or sky, one of the partners walks every site to make sure it’s up to their company’s standards. What’s more, they offer a price guarantee to all their customers.

“When we agree on a price, that price will only change if the homeowner changes the scope of work,” Jim said.

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