Lazar Spinal Care - Dr. Jonathan Lazar

Seizing chiropractic care by the handle in Ann Arbor

By Chris Galford

Dr. Jonathan Lazar

The human body is like a machine. When it operates in tandem, it can achieve great things; but like any machine, it requires regular maintenance. The smallest piece, fallen out of sync, could undermine the whole and leave life a painful prospect. Lazar Spinal Care works to correct those imbalances and set life straight again.

“It’s a simple concept that the brain tells the body what to do. As long as the brain can tell your body what to do, your body should work just fine. If it can’t, then you’re going to have issues,” said Dr. Jonathan Lazar.

While most chiropractic care focuses on moving individual segments of the spine in order to un-pinch irritated nerves, Dr. Lazar’s method balances the whole structure.

“The specialty procedure we use looks at the spine as a unit…we don’t move specific bones. We’ll use the top of the spine as a door handle and just swing everything back to vertical,” said Dr. Lazar.

There is no popping, cracking or twisting to Dr. Lazar’s methods and yet, he says, 70 percent of the time patients feel a noticeable improvement in a single adjustment. It’s not just for headaches and back pain either, but also for such varied things as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, infertility, autism spectrum disorder, asthma, ADHD and combatting what is known colloquially as the suicide disease—trigeminal neuralgia—an excruciating facial pain disease.

Yet, Dr. Lazar is no stranger to medical issues himself. It was in school, after a fellow chiropractor gave him a gentle upper neck adjustment that his passion for chiropractic care truly took off. Lazar Spinal Care, opened in 2008, was the end result of that passion, and has been growing ever since, with a customer service minded model that began with door-to-door greetings.

If you have found this story to be interesting, informative or inspiring, please let Dr. Lazar know! You can contact him at 734-274-5107; visit Lazar Spinal Care at 203 S Zeeb Rd #106, Ann Arbor; email him at; or you can find his book and hear from real patients at his website You may also listen to him on the radio Tuesday nights at 9 pm on 103.5 FM.