What you “think” in your mind, you eventually become

by Theresa Marie Abec, FLT Columnist

So what’s one of the first things you think about when you awake in the morning? Is there a theme that tends to run in your thoughts throughout the day? Are your thoughts helping or hurting you?

The way we think shapes our day and ultimately affects our life satisfaction, so let’s take a moment to examine our thoughts. It’s like we all have a cassette tape (yes, I am of the era of tapes) in our heads that plays all day long with thoughts that affect the way we behave and feel.

Here are a few of the cognitive traps that can hurt us:

  • All-or-nothing thinking. When you see things in either black or white categories. If anything is less than perfect, you see it as a total failure.
  • Personalization and blame. When you hold yourself responsible for events that aren’t entirely under your control.
  • Emotional reasoning. You allow your negative emotions to determine how you see things: “I feel guilty so I am a rotten person.”
  • Mental filter. When you pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it solely. One word of criticism erases all the praise you received.
  • Jumping to conclusions. You interpret things negatively when there are no actual facts to support the conclusion. Mind reading and fortune telling are used to assume and predict.

So which of the above-mentioned cognitive distortions do you hold?

Now let’s change our thoughts by replacing it with a different way of thinking. Changing our thoughts can change our lives … for we become what we think.

Theresa Marie Abec is a Board Certified Clinical Counselor and welcomes new patients looking for assistance with mental, physical and emotional life goals. She provides treatment and diagnosis for adults with mental health issues specializing in: substance use disorders, stress and anxiety, self-esteem issues, depression, grief and loss, and overall health and wellness challenges. To schedule an appointment with Theresa call Serenity Health & Wellness Center at 419-891-2181.