Toledo and Lima Tank Washes save time and money for trucking companies

By Chris Galford

Safety regulations for the trucking industry are both costly and time consuming, and when one factors in the cleaning requirements and the loading schedules for trucking companies as well, things can get burdensome for drivers. That’s where operations like the Toledo and Lima Tank Washes step in to remove some of the headache for trucking companies.

“When the trucking company comes to us, we find out what he has in it, and then we have a variety of different cleaning procedures (detergent, caustic, steam) that we use to clean the products out of the tanks. All of our wastewater is collected in an equalization tank, pre-treated, then sent off-site for further treatment by the city. We treat approximately 6-8 thousand gallons a day,” said president Doug Lawrence.

Doug took over operations in 1993, following the retirement of his father and his father’s partner from the business. In 2005 Lima Tank Wash expanded into Toledo and started Toledo Tank Wash to serve a larger area.

His father Kenneth Lawrence and partner Derrol King started the Lima Tank Wash in 1987 as an expansion of their own trucking company. At first, it wasn’t about other trucking companies so much as saving cost for their own trucking business. Quickly the business grew into serving the industry at large.

“We opened the tank wash initially so that our drivers could come back to the terminal, drop their trailer and go home, and then we could clean the trailer overnight,” Doug said.

The cleaning process varies by what a truck is hauling, but all trucks and trucking companies are welcome. Both Lima and Toledo Tank Washes are chemical tank washes and do not perform food grade tank washes which have a different set of regulations and procedures.

Since opening the Toledo Tank Wash in 2005, the wash has recently added another feature beneficial to its clients: 24-hour service.

“It’s helped as far as staying on top of other things. It takes a lot of pressure off the first two shifts,” said Robert Jacobson, the wash’s operations manager. “Our motto is: every trailer goes out clean, dry and odor free.”

Show your support for local businesses! Call Doug at 419-228-6888 (Lima) or 419-727-1189 (Toledo); visit the website at; or visit either Lima Tank Wash at 1590 Findlay Rd, Lima, OH or Toledo Tank Wash at 1590 Findlay Rd, Lima, OH.