Spring sports mean mouth protection

by Dr. Edward Posluszny, FLT Columnist

Parents want their kids to play with the best equipment and protective gear. But parents often overlook the importance of a mouth guard.

Mouth guards are commonly used in contact sports. However, evidence shows that even in non-contact sports like gymnastics, soccer or skateboarding, mouth guards help prevent mouth and jaw injuries.

For best protection, select a mouth guard that:

  • Has enough flex that it won’t tear or break.
  • Fits properly and is comfortable.
  • Doesn’t limit speech or breathing.

Ready-made mouth guards may be cheaper, but do not fit as well and can make it harder to speak or breathe. The less comfortable the mouth guard, the less likely it will be worn regularly. And if it doesn’t fit properly, it is not protective.

Treating a sports-related dental injury can cost thousands of dollars. Your dentist can make a custom mouth guard that is comfortable and protects the jaw. Discuss the available types of mouth guards with your dentist and select one that works for your needs and budget. A custom mouth guard can pay for itself many times over.

Remember: the best mouth guard is one that fits and is worn regularly!

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