Serenity Health & Wellness Center in Maumee opens holistic retail store

By Meredith Ryburn

Essential oils, lotions and linen sprays are now filling shelves at Serenity Health & Wellness Center’s new holistic retail store. Items like Zum Bar soap, made from goat’s milk and plant-based materials, have already proven popular since the store’s January 1 opening. Both blended and natural oils have also been among top sellers, largely due to the many holistic health benefits that they can provide.

While much of the store’s supply focuses on stress elevation, there is also a professional skin care line, called Image, available. The Image line is used by Serenity specialists and can now be purchased by clients to take home.

The idea, explains owner Dr. Deitra Hickey, is that clients now have the opportunity for a more comprehensive experience. Many regulars may only schedule appointments for once or twice a month; the items in the store have been carefully selected to continue their wellness plan between appointments. Since the shop’s inventory was built through the recommendations of Serenity’s specialists and regular clients, all of the items are designed to complement a comprehensive wellness plan.

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