Roemer Insurance shares latest news regarding Affordable Care Act

By Wendy Cornett

Roemer Insurance, a long-standing insurance provider in Toledo, remains vigilant when it comes to understanding the Affordable Care Act and its implications on individuals and businesses alike.

One recent change meant good news for individuals who failed to enroll by the February 15 deadline, explained Wellington F. “Rocky” Roemer III, president and CEO of Roemer Insurance.

“The federal government has extended a special open enrollment period that will allow individuals who failed to apply for insurance on the exchanges to apply up until April 30,” he said.

Individuals must also be mindful of accurately reporting their income on the health care exchanges, Rocky advised. Inaccuracies can lead to tax refunds being withheld.

“There have been miscalculations of the subsidies available under the Affordable Care Act because of individuals overstating the amount of subsidy that they were entitled to because they understated their income,” Rocky explained. “This could occur either inadvertently or with intent, but in any case, if your tax return income does not match the application for your health insurance on, then the IRS has the power to withhold your tax refund.”

A recent challenge to the Affordable Care Act could affect insured individuals in 37 states who enrolled through government-established exchanges. The challenge, argued in March, addressed whether or not the federal government had the power under the law to establish the exchanges in those states that elected not to do so themselves.

“The essence of this challenge is whether or not that was constitutional under the law,” Rocky said. “The question is, what will happen if the Supreme Court finds that the federal government’s establishment of exchanges was improper? What happens then?”

Overall, Rocky added, the Affordable Care Act had less impact than anticipated on those who obtain their coverage through employer-sponsored plans.

“It would seem that some of the initial reactions to the Affordable Care Act might have been overreactions,” he said. “There were those who thought that the small group health insurance segment would be eliminated by the Affordable Care Act or that employers would drop their health insurance altogether and throw their employees onto exchanges. It seems clear to us now that employers have their employees’ best interest at heart. Employers also compete with one another for labor, so they know that they have to provide competitive employee benefits packages to their workers or their workers may go elsewhere.”

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