Partitions Plus in Findlay to invest $3.5 million in 60,000-square-foot expansion

By Chris Galford          

Coming soon to Findlay: a renovated Partitions Plus, not merely in terms of equipment, but with an additional 60,000 square feet to bolster their production capabilities.

This company, which runs a mix of human and machine-operated partition assembly equipment, is all set to build, and is eagerly awaiting warmer months when it can break ground on the new expansions. Its present warehouse will be pushed further south, and the additional room will allow for more machines — meaning more production. By the end, according to one of its owning partners, Mike Lewis, Partitions Plus will have around $3.5 to 4 million invested between both its property and equipment in the area.

It’s an ambitious project for a company that began just four years ago, a notion in the minds of two partners.

“Back in 2011 my partner and I started this with the idea that we were going to service the corrugated industry with all of their paper corrugated partition needs. That quickly grew into servicing many corrugated companies that were servicing many automotive companies, large appliance companies, food and beverage companies, and we began to understand exactly how diverse the partition, and internal dunnage requirements were within the industry. We wanted to renovate a sector of the corrugated industry by utilizing unconventional equipment and innovative operating systems to manufacture products, that for many years within the industry, has sort of been overlooked, because it only represents one percent of the entire corrugated industry,” Mike said.

The new equipment and space will allow them the room to keep innovating. This fact is key, given that the company operated on the notion of building to meet not just forecasted schedules, but any emergencies that might arise for its clients.

As Mike says, “The name of the game for us is: speed to market.”

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