Lenhart Orthodontics in Sylvania moves into new location

By Chris Galford

A business dedicated to giving makeovers to clients’ smiles is now undergoing a makeover itself, as Lenhart Orthodontics settles into a new location.

It’s only a half-mile shift in location, but the venue has certainly set the practice up for bigger things. Lenhart Orthodontics, owned and operated by Dr. David Lenhart, had been engrained in the Sylvania area for over 10 years, but when Dr. Lenhart saw an opportunity to improve upon what they offer to prospective patients, he leapt for it.

And they did it in a big way with this new facility.

Dr. Lenhart’s practice was originally started by Dr. David Wells over 40 years ago, before he took it over in 2004.

“We are very proud of our new office. It will certainly help us to continue to carry on the tradition of top quality orthodontic treatment that Dr. Wells began years ago,” Dr. Lenhart said.

Lenhart Orthodontics offers a broad range of options to meet their patients’ needs.

“There are more aesthetic options including tooth-colored, ceramic brackets. Also available is clear plastic aligner therapy which can be effective in the right situation. Orthodontics has changed in so many ways, making achievement of that incredible smile easier and more comfortable. It’s a different place than it used to be years ago,” Dr. Lenhart said.

Yet it’s not just about options — about technology. It’s about what those advancements allow Dr. Lenhart to do for his community.

“What I like most about my job is the way we impact the lives of our patients. A great smile can really change the confidence of both children and adults. It can really be life changing,” said Dr. Lenhart.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Dr. Lenhart at 419-882-6970; visit the website at http://www.lenhartorthodontics.com/; or visit Lenhart Orthodontics at 4323 N. Holland Sylvania Road, Toledo, OH.