Firenation Glass Studio plays host to BGSU students performing Phantom of the Shopera

Firenation Glass Studio and Gallery ushered in the spring with a special performance from students of Bowling Green State University this March. After being ushered into Firenation’s spring open house, the BGSU students put on the Phantom of the Shopera, a demonstration that heralded some shocking results.
“They’ve set up the benches with electrodes, and when they touch certain parts with metal parts, and they’re connected to them, they’re going to trigger buttons that make music, so it’s a really fun, experimental piece,” said owner Matt Paskiet.
Matt’s daughter, Quinn Pratt, was also amongst event goers that night.
“I’m here because I invited some of my friends from the Repertoire Theater and I’m just here to have fun, see the demonstrations and plain old have a good time,” Quinn said.
The live demonstration is one of several events Firenation has planned for the coming year—hands-on events that might include everything from beer steins to flowers.
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