Banks Manufacturing in Grafton brings variety to Ohio’s manufacturing needs

By Chris Galford

“We’ve got some really odd niches of work.”
That’s how president Tim Boyd of Banks Manufacturing describes his business. Since 1986, he and Sheila, his wife and office manager, have seen the full scope of that curious sense of possibility. Neither founded the company. It actually began decades earlier in 1948 under Vincent Banks, as a transition from the crumbling world of plastering. Tim and Sheila bought the business outright in 1986, and have since taken it to just about every corner.
“It’s a lot of different experiences, different customers — from homeowners to automotive, to greenhouses, to banks — you never know who’s going to walk in the door. We’ve been able to change quickly and watch overhead,” Sheila said.
Added her husband, “We can be over three-quarters sandblasting for a whole month, then fabricating, expanding bridges … we do a whole range of things since our beginnings in fabricating. It doesn’t have to be real fancy for us to work on. We do a lot of work for landscapers, farm machinery. We’re more of a metal laundry, in that sense.”
Metal preservation and specialty coatings, repairing garbage containers the next. Day in and day out the details change, but it’s made for an eventful ride since Tim’s business beginnings at age 23.
“In 1986 I took over. Then I brought in the fabricating because we were repairing garbage dumpsters. It was a purchase. It was going to be a lease with a purchase option, but because of taxes and his (Vincent’s) age, he could not do a lease. I sat down, wrote a business plan on a single page of a single yellow notebook. I went to the bank, bank financed me, and at 23 years old, I bought the place and 90 percent of my business was repairing garbage containers. We just went from there,” Tim said.
Luck, as his wife notes, has very little to do with their operation — it is location, reputation and determination. They work for people on jobs they might be competing with the next day, and they make it work through trust. What’s more, while seated on the road to Columbus and Cleveland, with I-480 right there, they might be in the middle of nowhere, as Tim jokes, but they’re close to everything.
Show your support for local businesses! Call Sheila and Tim at 440-387-4154; visit the website at; or visit Banks Manufacturing at 40259 Banks Road, Grafton, OH.