Advanced Wellness and Chiropractic Center

Dr. Cynthia Ratkowski merges chiropractic and nutritional care at Advanced Wellness and Chiropractic Center

By Chris Galford

Dr. Cynthia Ratkowski of Advanced Wellness and Chiropractic Center has reached across the varying divides of the medical field—and found what works best for her own life, and her own practice.

“Most doctors treat symptoms, not the cause,” Dr. Ratkowski said.

Not so, in her practice. While she started out as a medical technologist, with a desire to do something in the medical sciences, Dr. Ratkowski is today a chiropractic physician and nutritional consultant—the result of the help chiropractic care provided in her own life.

It was 1976, on a day that was supposed to be a day off of work. Yet when Dr. Ratkowski woke, she found she couldn’t so much as move.

“I got up, I stretched, I heard something pop, and my neck landed on my shoulder. My first thought: it’s a stroke. Well, it wasn’t a stroke, but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t undress. I couldn’t dress. All my friends were working, so I thought: what do I do? I had to wait until my friend got out of work; it was 5 o’clock at night and they took me to a chiropractor. I knew it was something physical. Well, he took x-rays, and he said: how long have you had lower back pain? I didn’t even say anything—I was there for my neck. I said I had back pain since I was 16 from a pool injury. Needless to say, it fascinated me that he could tell that just from looking at x-rays,” Dr. Ratkowski said.

Personal visits turned into a life changing decision and, after getting her own body back in shape, she attended Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Ga., where she graduated summa cum laude—now Life University—(began private practice in South Toledo) then on Executive Parkway in Toledo, in 1995. She kept that location until last November, when she moved to Oak Alley Court.

The practice therein is not just about adjustments and corrections, though, because for Dr. Ratkowski, all things are interconnected, and fixing an observable problem might not mean one’s fixed the source. Utilizing a system of analysis, muscle tests and energy evaluation, she has combined nutritional care with her chiropractic practice to find what, exactly, is biocompatible with each individual patient.

“Sometimes it’s not always what I, or the patient want to fix—the body has its own wisdom in it, and you have to respect that,” Dr. Ratkowski said.

Her interest in adding nutrition to her practice came from the fact that she was found to have mercury affecting her liver. She was so fascinated with the type of testing that was done on herself that she said, “I have to learn this and use it in my office.” This adds an additional tool to helping people regain their health.

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