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Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services announces essay contest winner

By FLT Staff

The loss of a loved one is often a very difficult, stressful situation. However, humorous moments sometimes occur during grief and the celebration of life. Indeed, humor often can help to relieve stress, while still being respectful, as we remember those we love.

Megan Coyle-Stamos, President of Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services, has announced that as part of their 125th anniversary celebration her firm has chosen the Grand Prize winner of the Share Your Humorous Funeral Experience essay contest, acknowledging the positive contribution of humor.

Sylvania resident Petra Moreno (Pat) is the Grand Prize Winner of the Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services year-long essay contest. Pat’s essay, chosen from scores of entries submitted in 2013 during the Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services 125th anniversary celebration, demonstrates how a humorous incident can bring a moment of relief and also become a family story.

Pat received a $5,000 gift certificate towards funeral services and merchandise at Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services. In addition, Pat will receive a night on the town, including a chauffeured limousine, dinner and movie tickets for the winner and a guest.

Here is her contest winning essay:


“My father used to own a small bar out in the country. Mostly farm workers would stop by to have a drink and relax after a long day. He had some women tending the bar and they would dance with the customers, too. They were pretty and voluptuous and friendly. My dad liked them a lot.

Years later when my dad passed away, one of the ladies came to pay her respects. The casket was at the front of the room, and all the family was seated around him. My mom was seated next to the casket receiving friends. The lady had to walk across the room and as she got to the casket, her underpanties had slipped down to her ankles; she hurriedly kicked them off and tucked them in her purse. My mom saw what happened. The lady, very embarrassed, turned to my mom and apologized. My mom comforted the lady and assured her no one had noticed, she softly told her, “These things happen.”

Nobody ever mentioned the incident, but my mom told us. The family had a good laugh and knew my dad was laughing, too.” Petra Moreno (Pat)

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