Citizen Advisory Group - Jeff & Kevin Bucher

Firm helps retirees map out financial future, broadcasts valuable tips on new radio show

By Wendy Cornett

Brothers Jeff and Kevin Bucher founded Citizen Advisory Group in 2006 with one goal in mind: to help clients realize their personal vision of retirement through individualized, comprehensive financial planning.

“We all have a vision of retirement, and we want our clients to go live that vision,” said Jeff, president of Citizen Advisory Group. “I used to be a regional manager at a large insurance company. When you work for one company, you work for that company. You don’t work for your clients. One day I decided to open my own company.”

His brother Kevin joined him, and after a humble start knocking on doors and working out of Jeff’s living room, the two have grown their company into a nationally recognized independent advisory firm that focuses on individualized service for those nearing or in retirement.

“We’re a completely independent investment advisory firm and independent insurance agency,” Jeff explained. “We can do anything and everything with no limitations; no sales quotas; no proprietary products. We go out to the open marketplace and find what we feel is the best fit for our clients.”

“Our first obligation is to our clients,” echoed Kevin, the firm’s chief financial officer. “I put together financial plans, and I educate people about the best way to go about their retirement life.”

Citizen Advisory Group offers income planning, healthcare planning and estate planning. Smart investments are vital, but so is proper distribution of retirement income, Jeff advised.

“A lot of things matter in the distribution phase,” he said. “If you run out of money in retirement, it’s over. There’s no second chance.”

Expert retirement planning can alleviate the worry of running out of money.

“The reality is, people either overspend and run out of money, or they under-spend and don’t live the lifestyle they could have,” Jeff said. “We can put clients into an optimum spending plan that will allow them to just go live life, and to us, that’s what it’s all about.”

Further demonstrating his passion for sharing financial advice, Jeff recently began Retirement Journey with Jeff Bucher, a radio show airing Sundays from noon to 1 p.m. on Toledo’s 1370 WSPD. The show is also broadcast worldwide on Each week, Jeff and a special guest discuss issues of importance to retirees.

“Retirement is a journey, and we all have a vision of how that looks,” Jeff said. “If things are planned out properly, there aren’t any surprises.”

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