Dr. Georges Jabaly

Dr. Jabaly’s – physician supervised, health based weight loss

By ASBR Staff

Dr. Georges Jabaly

According to Dr. Georges Jabaly, MD weight loss was a concern for only 10 percent of Americans in 1985. Today, in 2013, 60 percent of Americans struggle trying to lose weight.  How can such an increase happen at a time when between 5 and 30 million diet plans can be found on the Web alone? Dr. Jabaly says it’s simple: “Many people have underlying issues that will not allow them to lose weight.” So through physician supervised health based weight loss, Dr. Jabaly helps patients identify their health issues, treat them, and then get rid of their unwanted excess weight.

Dr. Jabaly starts with a physical assessment. “There are over 50 medical conditions that I look for in my patients that could, if left untreated, cause weight gain and/or prevent weight loss. Once those are identified, I can pinpoint why the person has gained weight or not been able to lose,” he said.

Some medical conditions that can cause weight gain and/or prevent weight loss include but are not limited to chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, thyroid disorders, other metabolic disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, just to name a few. Dr. Jabaly also checks to see if the person is taking a prescription medication that is known to cause weight gain. “A lot of medications prescribed for diabetes, seizure disorders, psychiatric issues, and other medical issues have weight gain as a side effect. If that is found to be the case, in collaboration with the person’s specialist doctor, other medications or options that do not cause weight gain can often be considered,” Dr. Jabaly said.

Dr. Jabaly treats obesity in patients of all ages, from children up through geriatrics. “Children on average are gaining about 5-30 pounds extra each year,” he said. “I have some child patients as young as age 9 who have cholesterol levels that are 3-4 times what it should be as a result of being over weight. Some other children I treat are overweight and have significant insulin resistance.”

Dr. Jabaly has helped many adults lose a great deal of weight; some have lost hundreds of pounds. Patients even drive from other states to see Dr. Jabaly. “I have a few families drive almost 8 hours from upper Michigan,” he said.

Dr. Jabaly’s weight loss doesn’t require extreme measures like eliminating all carbohydrates or tracking calories. Dr. Jabaly said, “There are no lotions, potions, or pills that I sell my patients, nor are there any injections. After I make sure that the medical barriers to weight loss have been taken care of, I simply develop a customized food plan based on my patient’s needs.”  Dr. Jabaly then focuses on teaching those patients what the right foods are for them, as well as what types of foods are wrong for anyone trying to lose weight. For example, he said: “Many people think that popcorn will help with weight loss, but that isn’t necessarily true. Other patients I educate on nutritional basics such as the differences between proteins and carbohydrates.”

While Dr. Jabaly has had great success with and specializes in treating obesity, that is not all he does. Dr. Jabaly is Board Certified in Family Medicine, which is a higher level of expertise. Dr. Jabaly originally practiced medicine in Syria where family doctors do more in their offices than here. That provided him with an excellent experience base to call upon. Dr. Jabaly takes a holistic approach to every patient, focusing on prevention. One positive thing that many of Dr. Jabaly’s patients remark about him, is his early detection and thoroughness.

To read success stories of Dr. Jabaly’s patients, please see testimonials at www.drjabalyweightloss.com and www.mnangels.com. If you have found this story to be interesting, informative or inspiring please let Dr. Jabaly know. You can reach the office at 419-882-6784; located at 4405 N. Holland Sylvania Rd., Toledo, suite 104; or find Dr. Jabaly on Facebook: dr.jabalyweghtlossprogram.