East Stadium Chiropractic Wellness Center - Dr. Brian Kroes

Ann Arbor chiropractor strives to be the kind of doctor he would use himself

By Bev Berens

Dr. Brian Kroes

Dr. Brian Kroes, owner of East Stadium Chiropractic Wellness Center, didn’t have a positive or negative perception of the chiropractic field, in fact, he didn’t know much about it as a young man. As an undergraduate, he was fascinated with science and was considering some type of medical career. He and a friend attended a seminar where two chiropractors discussed their specialty. “They explained how the nervous system controls everything in the body and everything travels through the spine. If there are problems in the spinal column, called vertebral sub luxation, it can interfere with the function of the nervous system and the body,” he said. “This really made sense to me.”

Working part time in a Ford assembly factory and attending school full time resulted in Dr. Kroes having some lower back pain, insomnia and stomach issues himself. He started receiving chiropractic care from one of the doctors at the seminar. “I saw it help me. I saw this guy helping a lot of people and enjoying it; it was exactly what I was looking for as a hands-on kind of guy,” he said.  An unanticipated positive outcome from his personal experience of keeping the body tuned and well adjusted is the fact that he has not used antibiotics since his first adjustment, when he once struggled with chronic bronchitis and frequent antibiotic regimens.

“Modern science now tells us that the brain depends on information from properly functioning spinal joint called propreoception. This energy is necessary for the coordination and control of the whole body. When vertebral sub luxations are corrected or reduced, the function of the brain improves and so does the overall health and well-being of the individual. This explains how some of our patients have experienced improvement in vision and hearing and even reduced depression,” Dr. Kroes said. “Many people misunderstand what chiropractors do.”

Gentle adjustments help realign the body, creating a smooth highway upon which the nervous system travels. “We don’t treat the symptom of a disease or promise to cure anything,” Dr. Kroes said. “We just remove interference so the body functions better.” Minor adjustments often clear the path for the body to heal itself. During his 30 years of practice, Dr. Kroes has heard patients report of how ailments like bronchitis, ear infections and asthma have been eliminated or reduced as an indirect result of physical adjustments. His patients also often benefit by improved sports performance, levels of energy, digestion and sleep patterns after chiropractic care. “I don’t necessarily know all the benefits a patient will receive. Their body does the healing, not me.”

Caring for infants and children is one of Dr. Kroes’ specialties. “The capacity for their bodies to heal themselves is amazing.” He is also an expert on the Webster Technique, a gentle adjustment some pregnant women need. This corrects any uterine constraint, allowing the baby to position itself for birth. With a simple adjustment, a breach baby turns 85-90 percent of the time, resulting in a normal, less traumatic delivery. Dr. Kroes offers a family plan to help facilitate affordable care for the entire family.

Dr. Kroes opened his practice in 1983. “We only had a couple of clients. I just started doing a really good job and got referrals. In a short period of time we were seeing up to 150 patients a week,” he said. The original location had some ergonomic challenges which still evoke his laughter. While he rearranged it as best he could to make it more functional, using a bathroom as a darkroom to read x-rays and having to walk outdoors to bring patients from the exam room to the x-ray room where just a couple of the challenges that prompted him to move his growing practice to East Stadium Boulevard in 1985. In 2006, he purchased a building less than a half mile away, at the corner of Manchester and Medford Road. He furnished it with state-of-the-art technology including a digital imaging system.

Love Has No Color is a project close to Dr. Kroes’s heart. Starting in 2007, his practice, along with other practices in the United States, delivered over 4,000 Christmas gifts to a Native American Reservation in Montana for several years. Each child in three school districts received a gift, regardless if the child was Native American or not. The project is also sponsoring the chiropractic education of a Native American who will return to the Montana reservation, providing opportunity for improved wellness to other tribe members.

Dr. Kroes stays current with new information in the chiropractic field by immersing himself in continuing education. “I try to be the doctor I would want to go to or send my kids to,” he said. Dr. Kroes now encourages young students to consider chiropractic as a career, just as he was encouraged as a young man. He tells them that after 30 years, he is still enjoying every day, making a difference and having a purpose, and looks forward to the opportunities each new week brings.

If you have found this story to be interesting, informative or inspiring, please let Dr. Kroes know! You can contact him at 734-971-1777; visit East Stadium Chiropractic Wellness Center at 2216 Medford Rd., Ann Arbor; email him at escwc.a2@gmail.com; or visit the website at www.eschiropractic.com.