Edward Jones - Lori Cannon

Edward Jones’ Lori Cannon From client to consultant

By Rita Rizzo CMC

Lori Cannon

Lori Cannon was a client of Edward Jones before she became associated with the firm as a financial advisor. Prior to entering the financial planning field, Lori worked in the death industry selling headstone monuments and memorial stones. “It was heartbreaking to see devastated families struggle to purchase a monument for a departed loved one because there was so little money in the estate,” remembered Lori. “Sometimes I knew that they were using funds that they needed to send a child to college or pay their monthly bills.”

Once Lori became a client of Edward Jones she knew what she needed to do to help families. “My experience taught me how important it is to have family wills and trusts in order, and I wanted to assist others in preparing for their future,” said Lori. That is what motivated this Bowling Green State University graduate to return to school to receive her Series VII license, which enables her to sell stocks and bonds on the exchange floor. In addition, Lori went to Davis College to become a Certified Networker.  Now fully trained and certified, Lori was fully prepared to teach her clients how to achieve financial security.

A native of Northwest Ohio, Lori is devoted to building a strong, profitable, ethical business at Edward Jones. Towards that end she has two unique specialty markets that she targets. “Although I have clients from every walk of life, I particularly enjoy working with those who are in the pet industry,” Lori revealed. A pet lover herself, Lori had a horse while she was in high school, and is currently the loving owner of one dog, Sadie, and two cats, Parker and Georgie. “People in the pet industry tend to be socially conscious about their investments and like to be highly involved in planning for their future,” Lori commented. “These small business owners typically have pet grooming businesses, kennels, and farms that they wish to keep in the family for generations to come.”

Lori’s second market focus is women. Although she serves many male clients too, Lori feels strongly about helping women remain financially secure throughout their lives. She feels so strongly about it, in fact, that she volunteers for the Girl Scouts of America. “I teach a course on the stock market for the Girl Scouts,” said Lori, “and I am about to embark on a new pilot program being offered by the Girl Scouts in the Toledo area.” Excitedly, Lori went on to speak about Camp CEO, a mentoring program that links young women with experienced career women. “This is a great opportunity for career women to serve as role models to young women who are looking at their life options,” Lori stated, “We will be the first in Ohio to offer the program, but we hope that soon it will spread throughout the state.”

One of Lori’s favorite books is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. “I read the book early in my career and it helped me adopt my current business philosophy,” Lori related. “I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to meet their business goals.” The “Law of Reciprocity” presented in the book is one that Lori lives by. “You can call it karma, or say that you reap what you sow,” Lori explained, “but however you refer to it, it a law that is essential to both business and life success. What goes around really does come around, and if you do the right thing, you will be rewarded.”

It is due to this philosophy that Lori always puts her best foot forward when serving her clients. “I am absolutely honest and truthful with my clients,” Lori emphasized, “and because of this I am consistently rewarded with more business and a growing client base. It is my hope that my clients will leave my office believing that I had their best interest at heart, and helped them achieve their goals and plans.”

“Edward Jones is reputed to be one of America’s best employers,” stated Lori, “They really are a wonderful company to work for.” In her three years as a financial advisor, Lori has been so pleased with the benefits afforded her at Edward Jones that she plans to spend her entire career with the company. “If I ever retire, it will be from Edward Jones,” Lori promises.


Lori understands that she cannot serve her clients in isolation. “I work with my client’s attorney and CPA to create a comprehensive financial plan,” Lori states. “If they are not already working with a lawyer or accountant I will help them find one in my network of associates who specializes in meeting the unique needs they present.” Since Lori doesn’t do trusts, wills, and small business accounting she assists in finding the proper professional with expertise in these areas. Her team approach to financial planning assures that all bases are covered so that her clients get the security she believes they deserve. “If you surround yourself with good people who have similar philosophies to your own, you can’t go wrong,” Lori offers.


Lori Cannon’s office is located at 7107 W. Central Ave. in Toledo.  She can also be reached by telephone at 419-842-0369 Lori’s email address is Lori.Cannon@EdwardJones.com and she welcomes email inquiries as well.