Thinning hair? Feeling tired? Weight gain?

Thinning hair? Feeling tired? Weight gain? Did you know that thyroid and hormone problems could cause weight gain and make it very difficult to lose? Fairwood Health & Body Transition in Toledo can help you restore thyroid health, balance hormones and drop those pounds, once and for all. Imagine how great it would be to revive your energy, restore thinning hair, sleep better and lose unwanted pounds, the healthy way!
Our all-natural approach can also help you melt cellulite, stop cravings and lose inches. “We use a 3-step approach: detox, nutrition and amazing body shaping to sculpt your body–with no HCG drops or drugs,” shares Jason Peisley, D.C., Clinic Director. “Get the natural weight loss solution you’ve been searching for.”
Visit to learn more. Call 419-517-1030 for our March Body Wrap Special. Get your Healthy Thyroid Weight Loss Class, Health Evaluation and amazing Herbal Body Wrap for only $39. Lose 4-14 inches in just 1 hour. Attend our free class and be eligible to win a Free Body Shaping Spa Day valued at $600!