The Dermatology Minute with Dr. Hope Mitchell: The benefits of Kybella

At Mitchell Dermatology, a new FDA approved injectable is allowing doctors to finally give people the amount of care for their necks that they apply to the heads sitting on them.
Kybella is, according to Dr. Hope Mitchell, the first and only FDA cleared injectable for use under the chin. It was approved in the latter months of last year, and allows for a safe, painless injection procedure for sculpting products.
“Lots of people have been taking really good care of the skin on their face, but now they’re starting to look at their neck, and how it’s contoured,” Dr. Mitchell said.
What’s more, Kybella makes for a minimally invasive solution to do so.
“There’s very minimal downtime associated with the procedure. Based on the studies on average it takes 2.6 treatments, so basically we start out with a minimum of recommending 2 treatments, up to a maximum of 6 treatments,” Dr. Mitchell said.
Side effects can include tenderness of the skin and some swelling to the site.
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