Leaked email from Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron contemplates new process for selecting this season’s winner

LOS ANGELES (AP) An email was leaked to the press from long-time DWTS host Tom Bergeron, detailing potentially two new scenarios on how the selection process will decide the next winner of DWTS.
According to the email, “In honor of the primary season the producers of DWTS will adopted a similar system of selecting a winner modeled after how presidential candidates are selected for their respective political parties.” Producers for DWTS decline comment but sources close the DWTS rules committee are said to be in talks on whether to use a Republican or Democratic primary model for selecting this season’s winner. Sources close to the discussions say there are two scenarios.
According to the Bergeron email the scenarios are based on a 100 million vote finale. First is the republican format whereby the top three finalists are voted on by the public, the winner must have 50% plus 1 vote.
Sample republican finale vote:
Contestant #1 – 45 million votes
Contestant #2 – 30 million votes
Contestant #3 – 25 million votes
In this example contestant #1 did not receive the required 50 million votes plus 1 so all the votes of the public are tossed out and the three judge panel will decide, if there is a guest judge then the four judge panel will decide. If the four judge panel is split, then according to the Bergeron email, Simon Cowell will decide.
The democratic primary format will be referred to as the DEM option rather than the democratic option on the advice of DWTS counsel. The term “democratic” was deemed inaccurate and raised to many liability issues.
The DEM option involves winning the support of “super judges.” Super judge’s vote before each contest will start. Super judge votes are equal to 250,000 general public votes and a direct quote from the Bergeron email states: “Because well……. sometimes the best dancer doesn’t always win and this is a dance contest and the person with the best sob story really shouldn’t win.”
An unnamed producer then replied back: “The super judges will be people in the entertainment industry who are really smart, wealthy and know talent when they see it, unlike the general public voters who don’t know a samba from a side step.”
Bergeron then responds: “Let’s say contestant #1 is more famous than the others and based on his or her connections and clout wins all 100 super judges’ votes. The contestant, in theory will be basically spotted 250 million votes throughout the competition. Which if you think about this is Dancing with the STARS, NOT Dancing with the has-bens whose claim to fame was being a backup singer on Hee Haw in the 70’s.” According to Bergeron’s former assistant Joan Hickey, “This sounds like something Tom would say.”
Later in the email Bergeron’s responses become incoherent and very silly, perhaps the result of too much celebrating the night before the new season kicks off, here are a few lines of text pulled from the email:
A DEM finale scenario based on the same 100 million votes:
Let’s say in the DEM finale there are 75 million general public votes.
Contestant #1 – 20 million votes.
Contestant #2 – 30 million votes (Hee Haw fans are going crazy they think they got it!)
Contestant #3 – 25 million votes
BUT WAIT….. hold on to your mirrorballs, contestant #1 got all the 100 super judge votes which are equal to 25 million general public votes so…… the winner is……. contestant #1 with 45 million votes!!!
Aaaaaaaa….psssssss…….you can let go now.
The email then ends abruptly; we are still waiting for an official response from DWTS producers.