Sylvania resident purchases Tutor Doctor franchise, offering students individualized lessons

New local Tutor Doctor franchise offers at-home tutoring options for students in grades K-12.

New local Tutor Doctor franchise offers at-home tutoring options for students in grades K-12.

By Meredith Ryburn

“The educational landscape is always evolving, people need a service that will evolve with it, and that is what we do,” says Brandon Bollin, owner of the Tutor Doctor franchise here in Toledo.

Brandon did not start out in educational support, however. He has an IT background and spent several years working in identity management for large corporations. Entrepreneurialism is in his blood though — Brandon’s, father, uncle, and even some cousins have all been self-employed. Leaving IT and branching out on his own was inevitable and the Tutor Doctor franchise is that opportunity.

It was the overhead cost of a start-up company that started Brandon looking towards a franchise option. He turned to the local support of FranNet in Perrysburg who helped pair him with franchise options that matched his specific needs and skill set, and that led to Tutor Doctor opening it’s doors on December 1 of 2014.

Tutor Doctor, whose instructors meet in the student’s own home, focuses on an individual approach to studying. New clients are given a learning style assessment as well as a personality assessment; that information is used to pair them with a tutor who will best match their needs. A service that comes to the home “saves on Mom’s taxi,” Brandon reminds, but more importantly it creates a comfortable and safe environment for students to learn.

Session times vary based on a student’s age and stamina. In each session, however, the final 15 minutes are spent on the program’s Academic Game Plan that prepares the pupil with skills necessary to succeed in school. They will focus on areas of time management, how to take notes and how to study for a test. And, Brandon says, it is these competencies that create “better all around students.”

In addition to those who are looking to improve their grades, Tutor Doctor sees high-performing students who desire to sharpen their competitive edge. Instructors are prepared to lead individuals through ACT and ASVAB preparation, and offer options to students who want to get ahead of the game by beginning work for subjects in upcoming semesters.

The quality of their instructors and the precision of the individualized programs is what Brandon Bollin says sets Tutor Doctor apart from other study support organizations.

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