Sweet Cheeks Baby Boutique in Sylvania offers parents ‘boot camp’ classes on the use of cloth diapers

By Meredith Ryburn

Sweet Cheeks Story Pic.IMG_2862Parents of six, Paul and Amanda Emch started on cloth diapers when their second child, now 7 years old, had severe diaper rash issues. After trying all of the traditional remedies, they turned to cloth diapers and were hooked.

It was only a couple of years later that they saw a missing trade in the Toledo market — cloth diaper sale and education — and introduced Sweet Cheeks Baby Boutique in Sylvania. Amanda explains that she and a friend began discussing the lack of options for natural baby care in the area, those conversations grew into plans for the boutique. The couple describes Sweet Cheeks as a “modern, natural baby store,” where customers can find a variety of contemporary baby care essentials.

If cloth diapers conjure unpleasant images of large safety pins and plastic pants, Paul says not to worry; those are not the types of supplies you will find in their store.

“The industry has really evolved,” he assures, adding that the whole thing has been “dumbed down” for the average family. To ensure that their converts are fitted with confidence, Paul and Amanda offer “Baby Boot Camps” on the first Saturday of every month. While the boot camps are designed around helping new moms and dads navigate the world of natural baby care, the couple says the classes are open to anyone looking for more information as well. Participants will be versed in the basic how to’s of using cloth diapers, including cleaning, which the couple explains can be done in a home washer.

While natural baby care is still a niche market, there are a growing number of parents looking for options that are more health conscious, environmentally friendly and financially viable. And those are the types of options Sweet Cheeks is providing in the Toledo community. Paul explains that a start up kit for cloth diapers can cost around $200, which he does not think is too bad of a price tag, considering they are reusable and can even be handed down to future children. “You’re changing diapers no matter what,” the veteran parent reminds, the options are either to throw it out or wash it for reuse.

Beyond cloth diapers, the trendy baby shop hosts a variety of events each month and houses a line of baby clothes, breast-feeding supplies and options for modern baby wearing. In addition, they have opened their doors to local vendors who craft tutus, signs and embroidered items.

Show your support for local businesses! Contact Paul and Amanda at 419-517-0506; find out more about upcoming events at http://puresweetcheeksbaby.com; email at info@puresweetcheeksbaby.com; or visit Sweet Cheeks at 5577 Monroe St., Sylvania, Ohio.