Selling your home this spring

ohio cashflowBy Joshua Bowen, FLT News Columnist

The right time of year is upon us! “What time is that?” you may ask. It is the time to sell your home.

March is the month when, if you are considering placing your home for sale, you need to act quickly and make those arrangements. The majority of properties sell after 30 days of being listed to the open market and most of those sales occur in the 60-90 day range.

What does that mean for you? As potential buyers sign on to the spring market, you want your home to be first on their list to view. Most buyers will need to see a property two to three times before making the decision to pull the trigger. Also, many lending incentives for home ownership are available to banks in the spring, making the decision to purchase appealing and competitive.

If you are looking for some quick and inexpensive upgrades, think visual. A fresh coat of neutral paint in bedrooms and hallways leaves a clean and tidy appearance. Removing the family photos from the walls and patching any holes before painting is also important. You want your buyer to see your home and its great living space. You don’t want them to base their decision on your personal belongings so de-clutter as much as possible.

Remember, your kitchen and bath will sell your home. Many other imperfections will be overlooked if these two areas are clean, clutter-free and in tiptop shape! Use a lightly scented air freshener to create an inviting atmosphere and mask any unwanted odors.

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