MADE IN OHIO: Under new ownership, Cooper’s Mill & Market in Bucyrus has balanced traditional tastes with technological evolution

By Chris Galford

From the depths of Bucyrus, apple butter bubbles, its scent wafting from 50 gallon copper stirrers, heralding the turning of the season—as well as the decades old Cooper’s Mill & Market. Though the mill itself has existed in one form or another since 1969, it was purchased two years ago this March by brothers Jason and Justin McMullen.
“Cooper’s Mill just had a great reputation in the community and in the area for producing great quality products, which is something we wanted to be a part of,” said Justin.
Under the brothers, Justin has noted an uptick in efficiency for their focus, as well as an update to old equipment, swapping outdated, pre-WWII processing equipment in some cases for modern creations like canning lines. Click on video for full interview:
The 41 different flavors of jams and jellies are here to stay, though, along with some new additions. The mill has never used high fructose corn syrups or artificial flavorings, and that fact remains—a commitment embodied by the remaining presence of some of the Cooper family at the mill.
“It’s not the run of the mill stuff you get at the market. Ours is nice and dark, rich, thick apple butter that actually holds pretty darn well on toast,” said Dan Cooper. “It’s an all-natural product. That’s how mom and dad started, and that’s how we’re going to keep it.”
During the local Bratwurst Festival in August, the mill will also be offering tours of its facilities. Click on video for full interview:
Show your support for local merchants! Call the mill at 800-708-4215; visit the website at; or visit Cooper’s Mill & Market at 1414 N. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, OH.