HCC Rare Coins in Holland brings integrity to bear in appraisal and coin collection

HCC Rare Coins Pic Howard Cook- Showroom2By Chris Galford

In HCC Rare Coins, president Howard C. Cook, Jr. has utilized decades old relationships to cultivate an atmosphere for integrity scarcely matched within the industry of rare coins. It is the thing that most sets his business apart from those of his competitors — instant credibility, bank pre-approved.

“We’ve been well vetted as far as our qualifications, the manner we do business and our integrity. It’s very unusual for a coin company to be permitted access to a bank to offer free coin appraisals to the entire community. We’ve been doing it 15-20 years, in hundreds of locations. We offer credibility that has stood the test of time,” Howard said.

This model is one HCC developed about 20 years ago, according to Howard. Therein, the company began establishing contracts with banks — contracts which now total about 70 banks across eight states — which allows them to offer free coin appraisals and the option to buy coin collections on the spot. The company’s main business lies in buying collections and then liquidating them wholesale and retail, be it online or in person.

For many people who see HCC for a coin appraisal, they acquired their collection after the death of a loved one and often don’t know the value of their inherited coins. According to Howard, it is not unusual for people not to know what their collection is worth.

“Just because a coin is old, doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot of money. Age alone is not a determining factor. In most cases, it’s the condition that will provide the greatest value,” Howard said. “We offer all our clients a written appraisal of their coins and take the time to explain what it’s worth and why, with no obligation to sell it.”

Howard started HCC Rare Coins in 1991, while he himself has been in the business since 1984 — giving him about 31 years of full-time experience in the industry. The present location was opened in 2004, offering HCC Rare Coins a larger showroom for display and privacy for appraisals.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Howard C. Cook, Jr. at 419-865-8461; email him at howard@hcc-coin.com; visit the website at http://www.hcc-coin.com; or visit HCC Rare Coins at 7151 Spring Meadows Dr. West, Holland, Ohio.