Roemer Insurance

Roemer Insurance adds a new face in agent Karen Irwin

By Chris Galford

As Toledoans are riding out one of the wildest winters on record, business owners are weathering a blizzard of regulations and changes from the Affordable Care Act and the resultant impacts on their health insurance decisions. Roemer Insuranceoffers some shelter from the storm in announcing the newest member of its employee benefits team: Karen Irwin.

Roemer Karen Irwin 590x292Karen’s specialty is small employers—a specialty she has put to use over nearly three decades. Initially attracted to Roemer by their treatment of employees and already acquainted with them from a previous employer, Karen made the transition to Roemer in January. She brings a wealth of experience and rich relationships with many health agents and employers in the Toledo area.

“We’re seeing many smaller employersconsidering eliminating their insurance benefits for their employees (because of healthcare reform) and those employees seeking individual insurance through the healthcare exchange—the marketplace. So my focus is streamlining our operations so we can move large volumes of individual business through the agency,” Karen said.

Roemer has positioned itself as a leader in the quest for answers to the innumerable questions surrounding health care these days. Karen has been tasked with helping find those answers.  What “is” the marketplace? How does one access it? What is the best route to take? Karen’s advantage in answering such questions is the considerable experience she has gained in over 25 years in the industry. She, and Roemer, are familiar with the insurance carriers in the marketplace and what plans are being offered there.

In Karen’s own words, “It helps eliminate the uncertainty of where do you go, what do you do, how do you do it?”

Roemer has agents that work with employers and employees alike, but it’s not just customers they answer questions for, either. Karen, as a part of the National Association of Health Underwriters, took her expertise on the road, and paid a visit to Washington, D.C. at the end of February. There, as part of a convention and symposium, she met with Ohio legislators to help provide them with an idea of agencies’ new roles in the face of the affordable healthcare act.

Show your support for local merchants! Call Karen at 419-475-5151; email at; visit 3912 Sunforest Court, Toledo; or visit the website at