What to eat? What to eat?

by Dr. Cindy Ratkowsi, FLT Columnist

It’s a given that there are differing nutritional recommendations out there. It’s confusing and frustrating. I like to keep it simple. So let’s review some culprits of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and stroke.
The first is insufficient fiber, vegetables and fruits. The second is excessive fat, red meat, salt, sugar and alcohol. The third is use of any tobacco products. Both the American Heart Association and American Cancer Association agree on these three.
A diet of over-processed junk food leads to an “I’m trying to get by” existence. Life feels like you’re walking in quick sand. You don’t have enough energy.
Sugar, caffeine and nicotine cause frantic energy followed by a drop off. Life feels like a roller coaster. You have too much frantic energy, then too little.
Optimal nutrition contributes to calm, clear, efficient energy all day long. Life feels like you’re a powerful jet cruising through life. You feel “just right.”
Are you going to eat to live or live to eat? Food tastes great for only a few seconds before swallowing. After that, it directly improves or impairs your health.
Some advice: think before you eat. If God made it, eat it. If humans have processed or manufactured it, eat it very sparingly.
Don’t eat food that won’t spoil, but eat food before it does.
Remember I said that I like simple? Ask this question: Is this food for a longer shelf life or for a longer human life?
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