The Dental Minute with Dr. Shabbir Hashim: Why go to a local dentist?

The modern age has seen a multitude of dentists come about, but Dr. Shabbir Hashim of Toledo Dental Arts reminds his community that not all are created equal.
“Historically, when a dentist graduated he would start a practice, hang up a shingle, get his equipment and be ready for the patients. These days there are many different types of practices,” Dr. Hashim said.
Dr. Hashim is one of the classic, private practitioners that own and operate their own dental practices. Today, however, such practitioners are also up against group practices and even corporate ones—wherein a separate person or company owns a practice and hires dentists to work there. It’s a model for the times, as chains stretch across the nation, but Dr. Hashim encourages everyone to meet solo practitioners and learn their advantages.
“One of the main advantages is the person who actually owns the practice is treating you, so he has selected the materials that he feels comfortable with, he’s selected the equipment he feels comfortable with, and he has developed his skills,” said Dr. Hashim.
For a 20 year veteran of the field who looks at his patients as friends, Dr. Hashim would certainly know.
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