Got love? Give glasses!

by Dr. Roxanna Potter, FLT Columnist

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those we love, though it can be difficult to find ways to show this affection that aren’t the usual corny flowers and chocolates. Might I suggest giving the gift of better vision or eye protection?
Sunglasses make great gifts; people who wear glasses generally would benefit from a separate pair of prescription glasses, or even a pair of fit-over suns that are more stylish and protective than ever. Non-prescription sunglasses are great for contact lens wearers, and for those who don’t wear corrective lenses at all. Everyone benefits from sun protection, not to mention wind and weather protection. Proper sun/UV protection can help prevent eye disease (cataracts, macular degeneration) and also surface wrinkling of the lids and around the eyes, as well as help keep eyes looking whiter and youthful over time. They also help patients suffering from dry eyes and allergies by blocking out wind, particles and allergens in the air.
Both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are available in many of the name brands that people enjoy. Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Nike and Maui Jim are just a few excellent quality sunglass manufacturers that people love. Sunglasses can also be made with hidden bifocals to help those that want to lay by the pool or beach and read a book.
Other ideas for glasses that are much appreciated gifts include high quality (and stylish) reading glasses for reading while lying in bed, and distance glasses for watching television while reclined in a chair (both difficult tasks in bifocals)! Office lenses are special glasses designed to help reduce eye fatigue while at the computer (and who isn’t staring at a computer too much these days)? There are also plenty of options of custom glasses or goggles to help with sports such as golf, swimming or really any sport. Ask your family eye doctor about ideas for your loved ones and you’ll be surprised what a thoughtful gift the right pair of glasses can make!
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