Give your pet a deserving tribute

by Megan Coyle-Stamos, FLT Columnist

Let’s admit that our pets are a big part of our families. They love us unconditionally, are excited to see us when we arrive home, and can always be counted on. They are our friends and our companions. That is why, for many, the death of a dog or cat, or any pet brings a full range of emotions that would reflect the same as the death of any human family member.
The feelings that come with the loss of a pet might be extreme, confusing, depressing and more; however, these feelings are a normal and natural part of the grieving process. They allow us to deal with our loss and acceptance. The healthy release of grief, the celebration of a loving life, and the process of grieving helps both children and adults heal.
What are some of the special ways to honor your pet? For many people, they wish to cremate their pet and hold their ashes in a special urn. We offer several memorialization options such as jewelry to hold fur, personalized photo frames, garden rocks and glass art. Some families even bury their pet in special places, or cemeteries. A special way to remember your pet is to make a scrapbook with photos and memories to share with others. We recently helped a family create a special silver jewelry charm, with the paw print of their dog embellished in the metal, and engraved “Fluffy, we will miss you.”
If you experience the death of your pet, you can give Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services a call, anytime, and we can assist in removal and care of your animal. We partner with Paws and Remember to offer the professional care you deserve.
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