Dine Local! Zacharya’s Restaurant & Bar: a Toledo family institution with a love of margaritas

Chris Galford

Mike Abouahmed has Toledo in his blood. He and his restaurant, Zacharya’s Restaurant & Bar, grew up together in this city.

The business began in 1979, under Mike’s father. As such, he was raised in the restaurant business even as he went to school and sought out a degree. Inevitably, Mike returned to his roots, and when he did, he took over the bar that had helped him get those opportunities in the first place.

“We live in Toledo, we work here, we support our people, we do a lot of charity work with the community here,” Mike said.

The specialty Zacharya’s is known for is their classic Reuben—Mike says the restaurant makes their own briskets. However, Mike also notes that Toledo has its a special connection with Mexican cuisine, and he’s hoped to capitalize on that connection.

“We’ve developed our own margarita mix we sell quite a bit of. We probably sell about 60 gallons a week, do it as a special on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for $2 in the afternoon. Then we do tacos for $1.25 on Tuesdays. So we’ve found a little niche in the Mexican end of it, even though we aren’t Mexican,” Mike said.

Show your support for local merchants! Contact Mike at 419-480-1000; visit the website at zacharyas.com; or visit Zacharya’s Restaurant & Bar at 3455 W. Alexis Rd., Toledo, OH.

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