DINE LOCAL! For Classic Café, dining local means supporting a brother’s memory

Chris Galford

When Bob Drees started Sylvania’s Classic Café in 1994, he hoped to make a restaurant where everyone knew each other by name.

Today, his café is known for its homemade meals such as Thursday night meatloaf, smiley faced pancakes and stuffed green peppers.

“Whether you’re two years old or eighty two years old, you still get pancakes with a smiley face,” said Jenny Drees.

It is the atmosphere Bob cultivated, as well as its fine dining, which has sustained it.

Yet Bob died of brain cancer four years ago. In his passing, his business partner Roger Kurtz teamed up with Bob’s sisters, Mary and Jenny, to continue what he started. The clientele have eased that burden, Mary says, as they’ve been coming faithfully since the café first opened its doors.

“They can’t stay away. Sometimes we sing to them, and we bring good stuff to them. We know their usual orders when they come in. We just treat them like family,” Mary said.

Starting in January every year, they, and the family they have built out of their restaurant, organize a donations drive for the Henry Ford Brain Tumor Center for Research, in Bob’s honor. It keeps his memory alive, and builds the community sentiment on which Classic Café was built.

Show your support for local merchants! Contact Classic Café at 419-882-3465 or visit Classic Café at 6742 Sylvania Ave., near McCord Rd., Sylvania, OH.

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