DINE LOCAL! Desserts and home cooking are the lifeblood of My House Diner

Chris Galford

Since it opened its doors seven years ago, My House Diner of Toledo has been keeping its restaurant business as local as it could.
All of the desserts its staff offers are homemade, and much of the cooking is as well. It also works in conjunction with the bar next door, also owned and operated by Patrick McCune, known as McCune’s Other Side Bistro. As part of that cooperation, it will be offering a Ribeye special for two on Valentine’s Day.
“I support local. I think it’s a great thing to keep the money local, not send it off to California or wherever it might be going,” Patrick said.
Show your support for local merchants! Contact Patrick at 419-478-6525 or visit My House Diner at 5042 Lewis Ave., Toledo, OH.
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