Dental Innovations focuses on small communities in a technologically evolving industry

Chris Galford

The nature of dental technology has changed quite a bit in the 7 ½ years since Dr. Adnan Ahmed joined the threefold practice of Dental Innovations.
For Dr. Ahmed, that small community feel appeals—that sense that somehow everyone knows everyone. It makes for a business based on word of mouth, on the personal touch, and if that mindset can be maintained across multiple locations—Grand Rapids, Maumee and Liberty Center, in the case of Dental Innovations—it can spell a growing business as well.
Yet even the smallest dental practices must maintain a certain relationship with technology.
“Technology is changing. As in every field there’s new equipment, new technology that comes out, and you kind of have to stay abreast of all that. You don’t want to be left behind, don’t want to be on the bleeding edge of technology, but at the same time, you want to have something that’s been tried and tested for a while,” Dr. Ahmed said.
Even as Dr. Ahmed and his practice involve themselves in their communities, the devices they use to service them are evolving. Most recently, it’s taken the form of a digital scanner.
Anyone who has been to a dental appointment in previous decades will remember the goopy molds once used for impressions. It was a necessity for crowns or night guards. The digital scanner replaces that, removing most of the hassle and the time requirement.
“It’s going to make a big impact in terms of the comfort level with patients while they’re getting treatments done,” Dr. Ahmed said.
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